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Planned Parenthood v Heineman, et al


The Statute

PP/Final Markup 594 ER8220.pdf


Planned Parenthood's Filings

Doc 2 Motion for Preliminary Injunction and TRO.pdf

Doc 4 Brief in Support of Plaintiffs Motion for Preliminary Injunction and TRO.pdf

Doc 3 Index of Evidence In Support of Plaintiffs Motion for Summary Judgment.pdf

Doc 30 Motion for Leave to File Amended Index of Evidence and Affidavits.pdf

Doc 31 Amended Index of Evidence.pdf

Doc 51 First Amended Complaint.pdf


Attorney General's Filings

AG Brief in Opp to Preliminary Injunction 7.7.pdf


Amicus Briefs and Affidavits

Amici Brief of Eagle Forum etc. - Denied.pdf


Circuit Court Judge Laurie Smith Camp's Rulings

Judge's 1st Ruling.pdf

"LB 594 was passed by the Nebraska Legislature, signed by the Governor, and will become effective July 15, 2010. This Court cannot enjoin the effective date of the bill or the law itself."

"This Court can and will enjoin the Defendants from enforcing certain sections of the bill, for the reasons set out in this Memorandum, and will expedite the hearing on the merits of Plaintiffs’ action for Declaratory Judgment and permanent injunctive relief."
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