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We are an alliance of individuals and groups who are deeply concerned about the growing number of women who have been hurt by unwanted, unsafe, unnecessary or coerced abortions.

Their pain is especially tragic in that their injuries were avoidable.  There are well defined, statistically validated risk factors that can be used during pre-abortion counseling to identify which women are at greater risk of injury.  For example, the simple question: "Is anyone pressuring you to have this abortion?" can save countless women from unwanted abortions.

A large portion of our alliance is made up of women who have themselves had abortions and by post-abortion ministries that provide post-abortion counseling.  These women know from first hand experience that, at least in their own cases,  abortion was "the un-choice: unwanted, unsafe, unfair." 

Many of these women were being pushed into unwanted abortions.  Others came to their own conclusion that "abortion is my only choice," but they had risk factors such as a history of depression, strong maternal desires, or strong moral beliefs against abortion that are statistically proven to be associated with more intense grief reactions after the abortion,   If their abortion counselor had been watching for these risk factors, they may have been given better pre-abortion counseling to help them cope better after the abortion, or they may have been helped to find resources and alternatives to help them avoid the abortion, or they may have been offered follow-up abortion counseling to help them through their reactions.  But they were given none of these because most abortion providers do little or no screening and counseling.

Another portion of our alliance is made up of individuals and organizations which are focused on the pro-woman/pro-choice aspect of this effort.  They believe that women should never be pressured, coerced, or forced into an unwanted abortion.  They believe that the right to choose is meaningless unless women fully informed about their own individual risk profiles for abortion.  

Furthermore, our pro-woman/pro-choice supporters believe the health needs of women can only be met by empowering women to hold their abortion doctors properly accountable for giving good screening, counseling, and informed medical advice.  They believe that access to safe abortions will only be secured by ensuring that physicians are held fully and properly accountable to the women they serve.

Still another portion of our alliance is made up of individuals and groups interested in the pro-woman/pro-life aspect of this effort.  This includes many agencies offering crisis pregnancy services to assist women with unexpected or problematic pregnancies to find the resources, counseling, and relationships they need to welcome their children into the world.  It also includes many pro-life advocates who recognize that for every woman who is helped to avoid an unwanted or unsafe abortion, a child will be born.

In short, our alliance includes and embraces all people who truly care about the well being of women.  While we may not agree on every aspect of the abortion controversy, we do agree that whenever a woman is being pushed or forced into an unwanted abortion, that is wrong.  Furthermore, we agree that it is the ethical obligation of abortion providers to do all that is reasonably within their power to identify cases of coercion, and to help the woman in whatever fashion will best serve her interests.

If you share our desire to reduce the risk of unwanted abortions, please join our alliance.



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